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Technical support FAQ

On this page you can ask our manager any questions you have. The reply to your question will be sent to your e-mail. Before asking, please look through this page and read the information on it. There may already be an answer to your question.

  1. How to connect to my account in the terminal.

    In the main menu bar of the terminal, choose "File" and then "Login to trade account". In the pop-up window, enter the number of your trading account ("Login") and the password you received after the registration. Be careful and do not confuse your trading account password with Members Area password. In the "Server" field, choose the server for your account type and click "Login".

    The servers below are for the following types of MT4-based accounts:

    • RoboForex-Demo – all demo accounts, including contest ones.
    • RoboForex-ECN - ECN-Pro NDD, ECN-FixSpread NDD.
    • RoboForex-Pro - Pro-Standard.
    • RoboForex-ProCent - Pro-Cent.
    • RoboForex-Fix - Fix-Standard.
    • RoboForex-FixCent - Fix-Cent.

    RoboForex-MetaTrader5 server is used for all types of MT5-based accounts.

    In order to save account information and not to enter it next time you login, tick the "Save account information" box.

    If the entered information is correct, the indicator in the bottom right hand corner will turn green-red.

    If the indicator says "Invalid account":

    • Make sure that the password you entered is correct and try to login again.
    • Change your trading account password in your Members Area and try to login again.
    • Contact 24/7 Online support..
  2. How to install a terminal on your computer.

    To start trading you must install the trading platform on your computer. Download terminal.

  3. What are the IP-addresses of servers?

    RoboForex MT4 server "Pro standard" IP:
    RoboForex MT4 server "Pro cent" IP:
    RoboForex MT4 server "Fix standard" IP:
    RoboForex MT4 server "Fix cent" IP:
    RoboForex MT4 server "ECN" IP:
    RoboForex MT4 server Demo IP:

    RoboForex MT5 server IP:

  4. What to do if the terminal says “No connection”.

    If the terminal displays the “No connection” message, try doing the following:

    1. Check your Internet connection. Perhaps there are problems with communications on your ISP side.
    2. If your computer has a stable connection to the Internet, but the terminal still says “no connection”, try to rescan the server. Left-click on the “No connection” message and select “Rescan server” from the menu item.
    3. If none of the above steps help, in the top panel select “File” and click “Login” from the drop down menu. In the window, enter your username (trading account number), password, server address and click “Login”.
    If none of the above steps resolve the issue, please contact technical support.


Our consultant will answer your question shortly.