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Contract Specifications

Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen

Account type ECN-Pro Affiliate
Name Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen
1 Pip Size 0.01
Size of 1 lot 100000 CHF
Minimum spread (pips) 1.3
Avg. spread (pips) 2.06
Swap short (pips) -0.210
Swap long (pips) -0.100
Commission 60 / mio
Minimal margin 0.10%
Minimum contract size (lot) 0.01
Contract size minimum increment (lot) 0.01
Maximum contract size (lot) 50.00
Minimum price increment (tick size) 0.001
Trade time (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5) 00:02 - 23:59
Term currency JPY
3-days swap Wednesday