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RoboForex Wallet

RoboForex Wallet is the "key" for controlling all your funds, which are involved in our Company’s projects. This multicurrency service will allow you to deposit funds in the currency that is more convenient for you and withdraw them to different payment details, as well as distribute your capital between your trading accounts using internal transfer and accumulate profit received within the framework of all services of the Company: RoboForex, CopyFX, RAMM, Stocks.

How does RoboForex Wallet works?

The Wallet represents several accounts with different base currencies, which are combined in the same payment service. The list of available currencies is defined by the client’s country of residence. The complete list contains EUR and USD, the world’s most popular currencies, along with national currencies of global countries.

You are allowed to:

  • Deposit the Wallet account from any payment details.

  • Withdraw funds from RoboForex, CopyFX, RAMM, and Stocks account to the Wallet account.

  • Distribute funds between all your accounts as you think best using internal transfer.

  • Use the Wallet to keep money, which are not involved in trading, along with the profit you received.

The Wallet features:

Keeping and transfer of funds in the necessary currency without having to convert it.

Quick funds transfer to any trading accounts, as well as withdrawal from them.

Funds protection from risks, which are related to open positions on the account.

How to open RoboForex Wallet?

For all new RoboForex clients, the Wallet is automatically opened when they register Members Area.

In case you already have Members Area, you have to send a request on "RoboForex Wallet" page to activate your Wallet.