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Start Forex Trading

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Up-to-date forecasts and the Forex market analysis tools for beginners, as well as reference materials and videos in "RoboForex analytics center".

One day each trader started his activity with learning the basics of trading. RoboForex offers you to learn how to trade on Forex market using specific sections of our website intended for beginner traders.

  • How to earn on Forex?
    In this section, you will find a specific example of how to trade on Forex market.

  • RoboForex webinars
    A large list of useful webinars from RoboForex will help you to learn the basics and peculiarities of trading online. Our webinars is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge from experienced traders and learn the latest information about dynamics of Forex Market from professional analysts.

  • Video courses
    Quality Forex education is the key factor of traders’ success in currency market. RoboForex offers you video courses, which are sure to be helpful for both beginners and experienced traders.

  • Currency Market Analysis
    One of the most significant criteria for successful trading on Forex market is the proper understanding and usage of analytical tools. In this section you will find definitions and examples of various market analysis methods.

  • Advice from experienced traders
    In this section, you will read professional traders’ advice, which may help you to better understand Forex market. Follow this advice and the results of your trading activity on currency market are likely to improve.

Start Forex trading

The Forex trader is a member of the largest financial market

The forex trader is a currency trader, but do not be confused by this word. This profession has nothing to do with illegal earnings. "Trading" is Latin for "observation", and the word most accurately describes the work of the trader. Traders on Forex deal with buying and selling currencies. The basis of such deals is simply arithmetic: buy low and sell high. For example, if you buy 1,000 at the rate of 1.5342 for 1,534 dollars, with 1:100 level you can open position GBP/USD amounting for 0.01 lot (1,000 GBP), while your deposit is only 15.34 dollars.

Now, to complete the deal, you need to close the position by making the reverse transaction. Noticing the growth of GBP rate to 1.5392, you make another deal now selling GBP/USD. Your profit is $5. However, if the exchange rate went down, you would incur losses. To succeed at forex online, you must be patient. Continuous self-training is the key to success.

Successful traders advise that beginners should spend several months testing start forex trading strategies on demo accounts. The time spent learning the rules of trading will save you money and nerves, and help to avoid many future difficulties.

To succeed, where others fail, follow the simple tips:

  • Strive to fill all the gaps in your knowledge of Forex.
  • Motivation, persistence and discipline should be your priorities.
  • Choose a reliable broker with an impeccable reputation.
  • Use a professional and convenient forex trading terminal.
  • Do not rush to immediately earn millions.
  • Be prepared for losses, think of them as an integral part of forex trading.
  • Do not risk big money until you learn how to manage risk.
  • Never open a position for your entire capital.
  • Do not let passion take over sense.

Traders of Forex must clearly understand that the financial market provides equal opportunities for both losing capital and increasing it.