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Instructions how to use RoboForex Economic Calendar

1. Set the time of the Calendar in accordance with your time zone. Your browser will remember this information and next time you visit the website the time will be synchronized according to the saved parameters.

Pay your attention: we recommend you to check the parameters from time to time to make sure that the current time of Economic Calendar matches your time zone.

2. Our Calendar includes a very useful option, which displays all economic evens according to the time factor: you can view recent events, as well as a complete schedule for today, tomorrow, this and next weeks. It helps to organize information and define some particular periods of time, which are more favorable for trading.

3. All information published in the Calendar is displayed as a single package: an event, the country where it happened, the importance and the influence of this event, the previous value of the macroeconomic indicator as well as the predicted one. Thus, by clicking on any symbol in horizontal column (country, event, etc.), you can view in the graphic form how the event influences the market, read analytical reports, and track the dynamics of this particular macroeconomic indicator over the selected periods of time. Also, you can see the difference between the predicted and the actual values of the macroeconomic indicator over the past periods.

4. In addition to that, the Calendar has a special filter, which allows analyzing and sorting information by different categories in the way that is more convenient for you. Filter may be customized by activating and deactivating a particular option in its list.