Full list of IB's commission from RoboForex

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Affiliate commission at RoboForex is transferred to partners on a daily basis. When calculating your affiliate commission, we take into account all transaction performed by your clients, without any time limitations and restrictions concerning differences between opening and closing prices.

The affiliate commission rate (% of the Company’s revenue)

Account TypeAll instruments
(excluding cryptocurrencies)
Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent
ECN-FixSpread NDD
R Trader

"Loyalty program" from RoboForex - receive more profit each month!

"Loyalty program" for RoboForex partners will help to increase your Affiliate program profit up to 20%. The program implies that the partners will get additional percentage of the total sum of affiliate commission received by them on monthly results:


from 500
to 5,000 USD


from 5,000
to 15,000 USD


from 15,000
to 30,000 USD


more than
30,000 USD

"Loyalty program" payouts are transferred automatically to the accounts of those partners, who meet the requirements of their Affiliate program. You can receive additional prior up to 6,000 USD every month!

IB's commission for Affiliate accounts

The client can open Affiliate account either only after specifying your affiliate code during the registration of a new account or Members Area, or when using a referral link. Accounts of this type (Fix-Affiliate, Pro-Affiliate, and ECN-Pro Affiliate) are almost the same as their analogues, Fix-Standard, Pro-Standard и ECN-Pro, except for the increased spread for standard accounts and commissions for ECN accounts, as well as some other parameters.

After opening an Affiliate account, the partner may assume an obligation to provide its clients with some services on his behalf, for example, Expert Advisor.

The affiliate commission rate (% of the Company’s revenue)

Account TypeAll instruments
(excluding cryptocurrencies)
ECN-Pro Affiliate

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Partner commission rates, which were valid prior to October 9th 2017, can be found on "Affiliate Commission Rate" page of your Members Area.

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