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After joining RoboForex Affiliate programs, you will be able to increase your profit thanks to the commission received for the clients you attracted to RoboForex. Powerful opportunities offered by our Affiliate programs will help you to create and expand your own affiliate network. All you have to do to become a RoboForex partner is to register an affiliate account.

Two statuses for RoboForex partners:


Is given to each client, who opened an affiliate account



Is available to the owners of websites dedicated to financial topics



Getting the status

All you need to do to become an Agent is to open an affiliate account. This can be done in two different ways:

If you already have Members Area:


In "Partner" section, choose "Open an affiliate account". Read the Partner Agreement of the chosen Company very carefully. In case you agree to the conditions, click "Confirm".

If you don’t have Members Area yet:


Go to the registration page. Fill in all required fields of the registration form very carefully and click "Receive the code via SMS or E-mail".


A message with the confirmation code will be sent to the address you specified.



Enter the code you received on the registration confirmation page.


After registering Members Area, you have to fill in the registration form to open an affiliate account. Read the Partner Agreement of the chosen Company very carefully. In case you agree to the conditions, click "Confirm".


After the account registration, you will be granted the "Agent" status and provided with:

  • Two affiliate accounts, Fix-Cent and Pro-Cent, where your affiliate commission will be transferred to.
  • Passwords for these accounts, which you can change if necessary.
  • Your personal code for attracting clients.


To complete the registration as a partner and start attracting new clients, you have to pass the complete verification. In order to do this, you have to upload scanned copies of the documents confirming your identity and residential address on "Verification" page of your Members Area.



Getting the status

You can get the "Webmaster" status only after registering an affiliate account and receiving the "Agent" status. The instructions how to open an affiliate account can be found above.

To get the status, you are required to:

  • Have your own website, which is very frequently visited by users and dedicated to the financial markets
  • Add a banner or a link, which redirects users to RoboForex website, to the HTML-code of one of the pages of your website.
  • Verify your website. What do I need it for? 

How to verify your website:


Place an affiliate link or a banner on your website. All advertising materials can be found on corresponding pages of your Members Area.


Go to "Your Websites" page of your Members Area.


Specify the page URL, where the link or the banner is placed, and click "Add".


Your website will appear in the table with added URLs, its status will be displayed as "New".

After a successful moderation, which can take up to 2 business days, the status of your web resource will be changed to "Verified" and you will be granted the "Start" level of the "Webmaster" affiliate program.

If necessary, you can change the URL of the page you added to the system. In order to do this, click "Change", enter a new URL, where a banner or a link to RoboForex website is placed, and click "Enter".


The referral link or banner must be on your verified web resource permanently, at any time. If during the automatic checking, the system finds out that the website you added doesn't contain any links or banners, you will be notified by email that you have 72 hours to place them back on the website. Otherwise, the website will lose its "Verified" status and the level of your affiliate program will be automatically demoted to "Agent".

Levels of the "Webmaster" Affiliate program

"Start" level

up 20%

of the spread or commission

  • It is given automatically after your website has been verified.
  • You are required to have at least 3 active attracted clients.

"Expert" level

up 30%

of the spread or commission

  • You are required to have more than 20 active attracted clients.
  • Their total trading volume must exceed 100 lots a month.

"VIP" level

up 40%

of the spread or commission

  • You are required to have more than 100 active attracted clients.
  • Their total trading volume must exceed 5,000 lots a month.
  • The level is granted at the sole discretion of the Company.

Your affiliate statistics will be checked right after you receive "Start" level. If you have less than 3 active clients, you will be given a period of 30 days to improve your affiliate statistics, after which your status may be demoted to "Agent".

How to check the level of your Affiliate program:

The complete information about your affiliate statistics can be found in "Improving the affiliate program" section of your Members Area.

Applications to promote your Affiliate program level to "Expert" and "VIP" can be submitted from the same section.

Please note that our website has a special system, which automatically checks whether your affiliate statistics meets the minimum requirements for "Expert" and "VIP" levels. If you don’t the required number of active clients or their trading volume isn’t big enough, you’ll be notified that the level of your affiliate program will be demoted in 30 days unless your affiliate statistics improves.


Attraction of clients


The following tools are available to RoboForex partners for attracting new clients:


Affiliate code (AgentID)Available to: Agent, Webmaster
Location: information block of your Members Area

Read more


Affiliate links with referral codeAvailable to: Agent, Webmaster
Location: the "Affiliate links" section of your Members Area

Read more


BannersAvailable to: Webmaster
Location: the "Your Banners" section of your Members Area

Read more


Webmaster’s special tools for attracting new clients

Read more


Our system "identifies" your attracted clients by reading "Cookies" file, which is automatically stored in the clients’ browsers. Affiliate Agent ID code is stored is the browser’s "Cookies" file for 30 days, unless the clients clears memory cache of his computer.

Information about your attracted clients

The Partner can receive the complete information about clients he attracted in the following sections of Members Area:


Your ReferralsThis section contains the following information:

  • Number of clients
  • Number of open transactions
  • Number of closed transactions
  • Volume of closed transactions
  • Amount of your affiliate commission

You can filter this data by the date when each client was included into your partner group and/or the account number. In addition to that, you can view the statistics on your clients attracted by your subpartners.  


Financial statistics Financial statistics section contains the information about trading activity of your attracted clients.


Commission detailsThis section displays the information about the dates, when the affiliate commission was paid. Also, you can generate a detailed report about the transactions, which the commission was paid for, in Excel spreadsheet file.


Affiliate commission

Basic payments

The affiliate commission at RoboForex is transferred to partners every day and calculated as a percentage of the spread or commission paid by the client when making a transaction.

Depending on the account type of your client and the level of your Affiliate program, you affiliate commission may be:

Account typeCalculation methodAgentStartExpertVIP
Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent% of spread10%20%30%40%
ECN-FixSpread NDD
ECN-Pro NDD% of commission
RAMM% of spread10%20%30%40%
Stocks% of commission5%10%20%30%

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the affiliate commission transferred to?
When is the commission for the transactions made by attracted clients paid?
How and when can I withdraw my affiliate commission?
Which type of transactions is the commission paid for?
Which trading instruments are taken into account when calculating affiliate commission?

Multilevel affiliate commission system

The multilevel system of affiliate commission implies that the Partner is paid the commission for the clients attracted by his subpartners. A subpartner is a client from your affiliate group, who opened an affiliate account at RoboForex as well.

The multilevel affiliate commission system consists of 5 levels. Level 1 includes the commission paid for the clients, who are directly in your partner group. Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 include the commission paid for the clients, who are in the sub-partners’ groups.

The commission according to the multilevel system is calculated as a percentage of the specified affiliate commission rate.

100%   1st level
20%     2nd level
15%       3rd level
7%         4th level
3%           5th level

Multilevel affiliate commission system is available to partners with the "Agent ", "Start " and "Expert " statuses, who have the opportunity to create their own affiliate network.

Special options: to retain and encourage your subpartners, RoboForex is offering you a special service, "Rebates to subpartner ". The service conditions can be found in your Members Area.


Partner Agreement

To read the Partner Agreement, follow the corresponding link below:

 Partner Agreement

By registering as a RoboForex Partner, you confirm that you agree to all terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Basic rules of the Affiliate program:

  • The Partner and his client can not use the same PC or IP-address to enter Members Area or trading terminal. Moreover, no coincidences of the Partner’s and his client’s personal details, such as passport details, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment details, are allowed.
  • The Partner has no right to use the word "RoboForex" and different spelling variants in the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) systems.
  • The Partner has no right to use spam mailing to attract new clients.
  • The Partner is not allowed to falsify information about provided services on purpose, as well as withhold information about the Company’s services and risk disclosure from clients.
  • The Partner has no right no use any type of advertisement that can ruin the positive brand image of RoboForex group.
  • The Partner has no right to use any types of forced redirection of users to RoboForex official websites.


Please note that according to the terms and conditions of the Partner Agreement, it is not allowed to change the partner group of trading accounts. However, any client has an opportunity to open a new trading account in Members Area and specify Agent ID of another partner. In this case, this new account will be included into the group of the partner, whose Agent ID was specified.


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