The Pound skyrocketed to its highs. Overview for 13.12.2019

GBPUSD is heading towards the highs of spring of 2018 after preliminary results of the early parliamentary elections were announced.

The Pound is waiting for news. Overview for 12.12.2019

GBPUSD continues slowly growing in anticipation of parliamentary elections and completely ignores all other news.

The USD was crashed by the Fed’s stance. Overview for 12.12.2019

The major currency pair reached its five weeks highs influenced by the Fed’s comments after the December meeting.

Emotional day for the USD. Overview for 11.12.2019

On Wednesday morning, the major currency pair is falling after growing earlier; market players’ attention is totally focused on the US Fed December meeting.

The Pound started Wednesday in a drawdown. Overview for 11.12.2019

GBPUSD is falling on Wednesday morning; investors are “digesting” the statistics and waiting for the US Fed meeting.

The Australian Dollar is quietly falling. Overview for 10.12.2019

On Tuesday morning, AUDUSD is retreating affected by the statistics from Austalia and China.

The Euro remains under pressure. Overview for 09.12.2019

The major currency pair surrendered last Friday because of the American statistics; right now, it is still under pressure.

The Euro intends to grow. Overview for 06.12.2019

The major currency pair remains stable on Friday and intends to continue its growth.