The Euro stopped falling. Overview for 02.08.2019

On Friday morning, EURUSD stopped plummeting; it is ready to reach stability.

Markets decided to believe in the USD. Overview for 01.08.2019

The major currency pair is getting significantly weaker after the US Federal Reserve July meeting. The rate cut isn’t the start of a new “softening” cycle. 

The Euro is looking up. Overview for 31.07.2019

The major currency pair is pretty confident despite weak numbers from the Euro Area and anticipation of the US Federal Reserve meeting results.

The Yen is trying to rise again. Overview for 30.07.2019

USDJPY is making another attempt to fall; investors are focused on meetings of central banks.

The Yen is trying to strengthen. Overview for 29.07.2019

On the last Monday of July, USDJPY is trading downwards; investors are very cautious in anticipation of the US Federal Reserve meeting.

Euro Tried But Failed. Overview 26.07.2019

Yesterday the main currency pair was volatile, but the euro failed to secure.

Pound Stabilized, But For How Long? Overview 25.07.2019

Thursday morning, the pound/dollar pair looks stale after Johnson’s designation to the post of Prime Minister, but the situation may change.

Euro Nervous Before ECB Session. Overview 25.07.2019.

The main currency pair keeps declining, waiting for the resolutions of the European Central Bank.