the right direction of your investments

RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model) is a rapidly growing area in investing on the Forex market, which is based on the higher risk management and proportional allocation of profit.


What is the RAMM platform?


Inbuilt risk management system


Automatic lot calculation for position opening


of profits

The risk control system, built into the RAMM-platform, allows investors to establish a "Weekly level of risk" and thus protect their investments against possible losses above the set limit.

It is enough to indicate the levels of the opening position, fixation of losses and profits, as well as a share of the weekly loss limit, which can be charged in case of fixation of losses.

Automatic identification of the optimal weekly loss limit for each strategy.

Trading on RAMM-accounts:

As an Investor

Copy Trader strategies using your RAMM-account:

  • The strategy is copied with the same order execution prices
  • You can stop the investment at any time and withdraw money instantly
  • Use the unique monitoring strategies to assess the trading style and its profitability

Minimum amount of investment: 10 USD
Minimum period of investment: 1 week

As a Trader

Create trading strategies with your RAMM-account (1 strategy = 1 PAMM-account):

  • Trade both in manual and in automatic mode
  • Don't get distracted by controlling trading risk - the system will do this for you
  • Receive up to 50% from the profit of your Investors

The minimum amount of funds for the creation of a strategy: 50 USD
Minimum step of order volume (lots): 0,000001

Do not restrict yourself to a single role! Using the same RAMM-account, you can work as both a Trader and an Investor and receive double profit.

How to open a RAMM-account?

If you already have a RoboForex Members Area, you can open a RAMM-account in just a couple of minutes.

Go to your Members Area


Click "Open RAMM-account"


Enter required information


Your account
will be

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Earn more by controlling your risks on RoboForex RAMM-accounts!

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