VIP Client

Within the framework of the Company’s VIP program, RoboForex offers additional privileges to the clients with large deposits. Depending on the total amount of funds on their accounts, the clients can be granted with one of the four VIP program levels:


from 3,000
to 10,000 USD



from 10,000
to 30,000 USD



from 30,000
to 100,000 USD



more than
100,000 USD

Additional Cashback (Rebates)10%20%30%40%
Increased percents on account balance
Improvement of VPS server order conditions        
Personal VIP manager        

How to become a VIP client?

After the total amount of funds on your accounts reaches the required number, you will be automatically granted a corresponding level of the VIP program and receive an email with the notification from RoboForex. You can monitor your current program status on the VIP program page in your Members Area.

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Rules of the program and examples of calculations

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