Connecting to VPS-server via VNC from your RoboForex Members Area

Please note, this instruction is valid for connecting via Mozilla Firefox browser. In some cases, Java plugin must be installed and configured if you want your browser to operate correctly.

Installing and configuring Java
Connecting to VPS-server via VNC

To enable the service, you need to:

1. Download and install the latest version of Java from the Java official website.

2. In "Search in Windows" menu enter "Configure Java". Run the application, go to "Security" tab, and click "Edit Site List".

3. Click "Add" and add to exceptions. Then click "OK" and close the application.


To enable the service, you need to:

1. Login to your Members Area and choose "Your VPS 2.0 server" from "Profile" menu.

2. Copy "Administrator password", and then, in Control panel below, click "Open" in "Open in Browser". If "Security Warning" window opens, tick "I accept the risk and want to run this application" box and click "Run".

3. To apply the password copied earlier (see step 2), use "Clipboard". Paste the password into it by pressing Ctrl+V and then enter it in the password field below.

4. If the password is entered correctly, you’ll get access to your VPS-server.