Classic Bonus

Classic Bonus
up to 115%

"Classic Bonus up to 115%"
when depositing your account

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The bonus amount depends on the sum of your deposit

The maximum amount of all
active bonuses is 50,000 USD
  • up to 300 USD
  • from 300 USD
  • from 500 USD

Increase your trading volume

the total sum of the bonuses you can receive is up to 50,000 USD.


Withdraw the profit

you received when trading with both your own and bonus funds.


Withdraw the bonus

after fulfilling the requirements for the trading volume.

How to receive the bonus?

  • Deposit your account

    The bonus is available to all cent and standard accounts. The maximum amount of the bonus depends on the sum you deposit to your account (up to 300 USD - 50%, from 300 USD - 100%, from 500 USD - 115%). The bonus amount can be chosen from the available numbers when you deposit your account.

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  • Open a new account

    The classic bonus is available to MT4 and MT5-based accounts of Fix and Pro types*. If you don’t have any accounts of these types, you can open one right now and receive the bonus for your first deposit.

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* - Bonus for MetaTrader 5 is only available to the clients, who passed the complete verification.

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