Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is a type of bank payment transaction, when one bank issues a payment order to another bank to transfer a particular sum of money between two bank accounts specified in this order. The time of bank transfer is up to 5 business days. You can deposit your trading account via Bank Transfer using a special form in your Live Account.

Please note that on the part of RoboForex Ltd Company, the withdrawal request will be executed within 2 business day.

Deposit Funds

  • Currency: CNY
  • Fee for deposit: 0%  
  • Processing time: up to 5 bank days
  • Deposit amount: from 3,500 CNY

Withdraw Funds

  • Currency: EUR / CNY
  • Fee for withdrawal: 0,15%  
  • Processing time: up to 5 bank days  
  • Withdrawal amount: from 300 EUR
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