Wave Analysis 10.09.2015 (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD)


Forecast for September 10th, 2015

EUR USD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

The situation in the pair remains unchanged - wave [iii] of 1 of (C) continues to develop, under which a local correction is forming. A further decline in prices is expected as well as the establishment of new local minima.

Probably, only now we have received the completion of wave (ii) of [iii] of 1, and then further decline in prices in the wave (iii) of [iii] of 1 is expected. However, the wave (ii) of [iii] of 1 can acquire a more complex shape.

GBP USD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

The correction in the wave (ii) of [iii] of 1 has likely not been completed yet, so after a roll back down, we expect an update of the local maximum for the pair, and only then the completion of the upward zigzag within wave (ii) of [iii] of 1.

Most likely, we have now only received wave a of (ii) of [iii], and now comes the development of the correctional wave b of (ii) of [iii], then we expect pulse movement within wave c of (ii) of [iii].

USD JPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

Wave (i) of [iii] of 1 has completed as part of a larger upward impulse, and now there is a wave formation (ii) of [iii] of 1, and then we expect a continuation of growth.

Most likely, wave (ii) of [iii] of 1 has not yet completed, having become a downward zigzag. In the near future we expect a completion of the correctional wave and continued growth.

USD CAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

The situation for the pair remained virtually unchanged - after the formation of a running triangle in the wave [iv] of 3 of (C), we have already received two upward momentums in the framework of a larger wave [v] of 3 of (C). A further increase in prices is expected.

Probably, we get an elongation in the wave (iii) of [v] of 3, inside of which wave i of (iii) of [v] has already formed, and the correction ii of (iii) of [v]. A further increase in price is expected.

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