Bill Williams’ Indicators Analysis 21.01.2014 (USD/CAD, NZD/USD)


Analysis for January 21st, 2014


At H4 chart of USD/CAD, Alligator closed its mouth (but is still a bit bullish). Indicators are in green zone, AC is near balance line; there are Squat bars on the MFI. After bullish fractal, bearish fractal may reach Alligator’s jaw (blue line).

At H1 chart of USD/CAD, Alligator is sleeping. Indicators are very close to balance line; there are no Squat bars on the MFI. I expect slight breakout of fractals to the upside.


At H4 chart of NZD/USD, Alligator is tired. Indicators are in green zone; there might be Squat bar on the MFI. I expect slight breakout of fractals to the upside.

At H1 chart of NZD/USD, Alligator reversed northwards. Angulation is open; AO and AC are in red zone; there is Green bar on the MFI and might be Squat one too. After bearish fractal, I expect breakout of fractals to the upside.

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