Receive additional profit for your trading volume!

20.01.2016 / 14:25

Dear Clients and Partners!

Do you know that you can earn not only a direct income from transactions you make when trading, but also some additional funds, which are paid by the Company as a part of its special programs? In such cases, the amount of your trading volume can help you to access special client services intended to make the trading process simpler or even more profitable.

Learn, what opportunities you can get for the trading volume you make:




Access to a remote server provides an opportunity of 24/7 trading and speedy connection to trading servers and your account. Read more


Up to 20% on available funds
Monthly payments on your funds, which are not used in trading. Payments may be up to 20% per cent per annum. Read more


"Rebates" program
Each month, receive up to 3 USD for a lot to standard accounts and up to 30% of the paid commission to ECN-accounts. Read more

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