RoboForex Stocks: new trading features, instruments, and conditions

02.05.2017 / 11:44


Dear Clients and Partners!

We’re pleased to inform you that the latest update of Umstel trading terminal has introduced several changes: more trading instruments and modifications in the current trading conditions.

New opportunities of Umstel terminal:

  • Order management after and before trading sessions: place and modify Take Profit, Stop Loss, Limit, and Stop even when the market is closed, and they will be executed after the trading session starts.

  • Tooltip balloons on the chart icons.

  • Trading from charts:

    • Placing and managing pending orders.
    • Managing Take Profit and Stop Loss.
    • Displaying positions and profit and loss reports (PnL).

Additional trading instruments:

CFDs on indices and more than 200 stocks, including DAX, UK100, Snapchat, and others.

Changes in trading conditions:

  • The maximum position volume has been increased up to 2,000 stocks.

  • The leverage for low-liquid instruments has been increased up to 1:2.

  • The commission per stock has been increased up to 0.02 cents. The maximum commission hasn’t been changed.


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