Depositing account with Payoneer cards.

25.10.2012 / 17:21
Dear Clients and Partners!
RoboForex is informing you that the list of services provided by the Payoneer Company, one of the largest and most popular payment systems in the world, has been expanded. From now on, you can withdraw funds to your Payoneer account, and use your Payoneer Card to deposit your trading account at the RoboForex Company as well.
We’d also like to notice that depositing your trading account at RoboForex by means of the Payoneer system will work the same way as the other payment systems, i.e no commission will be charged. It’s our traditional practice applied to all payment systems and we don’t want to change it.
We’re hoping that our clients will appreciate our efforts to provide them with new services, which can make the trading process more comfortable.
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