Partner Commission Changed on Pro-Standard and Pro-Cent Accounts

27.08.2012 / 13:58

Dear clients and partners!

The changes have been made to commission payments for the affiliate program for types of accounts: Pro-Standard and Pro-Cent. The changes are effective as of August 28, 2012. That includes fixed commission, without differentiation for trading instruments, which now depends on the status of the partner: 

Account Type Agent
(per 1 lot)
(per 1 lot)
(per 1 lot)
(per 1 lot)
Pro-Standard 2 USD 4 USD 6 USD 8 USD
Pro-Cent * 0.02 USD 0.04 USD 0.06 USD 0.08USD
* — 100 cent lots correspond to 1 strandard lot.

The changes are intended to restore the balance of the Company’s and its Clients’ interests after recent significant improvement in trading conditions for Pro-Standard & Pro-Cent accounts:

  • Reduction of spread for EURUSD - now daily average rate stands at  0.9 pips, a similar reduction is observed with other currencies.
  • Pro accounts have been introduced with ECN-system - company's know-how, which algorithm is employed within ECN-Fix accounts.
  • The  introduction of ECN-system has allowed to increase the speed of execution - now it's close to 0.1 sec under normal conditions.



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