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Muay Thai fighter and kickboxing
world champion Andrei Kulebin

Andrei Kulebin is a many-time Thai boxing world champion, a winner of tournaments for amateurs and professionals, an experienced Muay Thai coach, and an Honored Master of Sports.


    Reigning world champion
    World Muay Thai Council (WMC)


    Reigning world champion
    World Kickboxing Network (WKN)

  • x25

    world champion
    (WKN, WMC, IFMA,

  • x4

    Europe champion
    (WKN, IFMA)

  • x1

    The World Combat Games winner


Ability to analyze the situation and use strategic approach to resolve it – these are the skills, which are very essential for both athletes and traders. When getting ready for a combat, a fighter thinks about combat tactics in advance, studies an opponent, and draws a plan of actions. A trader must do the same: assess the market situation, think through their future decisions and then use these decisions in trading, and avoid any emotional intensity. RoboForex provides competitive conditions and professional trading platforms, so that the clients could implement their ambitious trading ideas in practice.

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Both combat sports and trading require continuous risk management and reliable protection. RoboForex pays special attention to security of its clients’ funds, as it participates in the compensation fund, cooperates with largest European banks, and provides the Negative Balance Protection.


    Negative Balance Protection


    Participant of The Financial
    Commission Compensation fund


    Segregated accounts in major banks


Thanks to his craving for self-improvement and personal growth, Andrei Kulebin has become a many-time Muay Thai world champion and an Honored Master of Sports. Following the same principles, RoboForex is systematically improving its products and implementing advanced technologies, increasing the number of loyal clients and attracting new ones.

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865 000
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RoboForex’ approach to business operations propelled the Company to the top of the industry
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Many years of experience. Winner of prestigious awards. More than 800,000 clients in 169 countries.

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