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One Click Trading

“One Click Trading” service allows you to run trading operations with just one click of the mouse.

“One Click Trading” service is an additional function, which is intended to simplify trading operations in the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 client terminals.

The service is likely to gain recognition from the traders, whose strategy is to make a lot of transactions. You need to enter and save your settings in “One Click Trading” just once, and you will be able to open and close orders by a single mouse click!

Please note, that “One Click Trading” service is available for all types of MT4 and MT5 accounts.

How to use «One Click Trading» service

One Click Trading
  1. The button to manage “One-Click Trading” service (Enable/Disable). It is located in the top left corner of the window.
  2. Symbol name.
  3. Command to open a sell order.
  4. Command to open a buy order.
  5. The field to manage the volume. The volume can be specified using the arrows located to the left and to the right of the field, or using a keyboard.
  6. Current bid price.
  7. Current ask price.

Depending on the quotes, the area of performing trade operations and price has different colors:
  •    Blue    — if the current price is higher than the previous one;
  •    Red     — if the current price is lower than the previous one;
  •    Grey — if the price hasn't changed for the last 15 seconds.

Be careful, once the "Sell" or "Buy" button is pressed, the corresponding request for buying or selling the specified amount of a selected symbol is immediately sent to the server without any additional confirmation.