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Instructions how to download your documents using Google Drive (for Android)

In case you don’t have Google Drive application installed yet, you can download it from Google Play and install on your device.

1. Open the file you want to send, choose "Google Drive" from the menu.


2. Fill in required fields on click on "OK".


3. Login to web version of Google Drive from your PC. Choose necessary files, click on "Download" from "More" menu, and save files to your Desktop.


4. Login to your RoboForex Members Area, choose "Address Verification" or "Passport Verification" from the menu.


5. On the verification page, fill in required fields, click on "Choose", and choose necessary files located on your Desktop (see step 5). Then click on "Submit Request".


6. If everything is done correctly, your files will be accepted and the status of your request will be changed to "Pending Verification". Verification may take up to 2 business days.