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Security of your money

RoboForex security of your personal details using SSL-certificate from VeriSign The safety of your money is an important consideration for RoboForex - that’s why we are doing our best to provide security for our clients’ personal details, starting from the registration procedure and through to money withdrawal from your account.

1. Security of your personal details using SSL-certificate from VeriSign

SSL-certificate from VeriSign, the world’s largest certification body, provides confidentiality of the data which our clients send to the RoboForex’s websites using a 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt the Internet connection.

Use of this certificate helps RoboForex clients to confirm the genuineness of the website, where their RoboForex Live Account is located. They just need to make sure that the link in the address bar starts with https:// and there is a check-lock icon near it (see an example below how it is displayed in Google Chrome): 

RoboForex URL verification

2. Security of critical operations in your "Live Account" via E-mail

All critical operations performed in "Live Account", such as changing your personal details or password, money transfer or withdrawal, require confirmation code which is sent to your e-mail. Thus, nobody, except you, will be able to withdraw or transfer your money even if  (s)he learns your passwords for "Live Account" and trading accounts.

3. Security of money withdrawal operations via SMS

The Company is introducing several additional services, which can help to improve security level of your investments and personal data. These services are only available for those RoboForex’s clients, who have passed SMS verification procedure. Choose one or several of these services and you can protect your trading account from unauthorized access. No intruder will be able to steal the funds from your trading account, even if he knows all your passwords and has an access to your E-mail. Pay attention that all these SMS-services are free-of-charge.

New provided services are the following:

  • Sending SMS message with the code to confirm your applications for funds transfer or withdrawal.

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    Each time you submit an application for funds transfer or withdrawal, you’ll receive SMS message with the confirmation code. To confirm your application, you need to enter the code into particular field. This will help you to avoid any unauthorized funds withdrawal or transfer, even if intruders know your passwords from Live Account and E-mail.
  • Sending SMS message about login to your Live Account.

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    After enabling this service, you’ll receive SMS message each time you or someone else try to login to your Live Account. Our system will automatically generate and send SMS message to your verified mobile number with the notification about current login. Using this service, you will always know that some unauthorized third parties are trying to get access to your account.
  • Sending SMS message with the code to confirm your login to Live Account.

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    After enabling this service, you’ll receive SMS message with the confirmation code to be entered into particular filed (along with login and password) each time you want to login to your Live Account. Enabling this service will help to prevent any outsiders from getting access to your Live Account.
  • Sign in your Live Account using backup code.

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    If your mobile phone is not available and you have activated the service "Sending SMS confirmation code for authorization in your Live Account", instead of SMS confirmation code you can enter one of the pre-generated backup codes. You can activate services on the webpage "Two-step authentication" in your Live Account. More detailed information about these services can be found in the corresponding section of our website.

You can enable any of these new services in "SMS Verification" section of your Live Account, but only after verifying your mobile phone number.

Detailed instructions on SMS verification procedure and how to enable new services can be found in "SMS Verification" section of our website.