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Dakar 2017
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Bank Transfer

Instructions how to deposit your trading account via Bank Transfer.

Please note: the service is available only for the participants of "Verified Client" program.

1. Login to your RoboForex Live Account. Choose "Deposit Funds" from the main menu".

2. Choose "Bank Transfer" from the list of the payment systems. Specify the amount to be deposited and the currency of your transaction. In case the currency of the transaction differs from that of your trading account, we recommend you to study the Company’s internal currency rates beforehand. If you’d like to receive a Deposit Bonus, read the terms of the bonus program and then tick "I agree with the terms of the bonus program" box. Specify the account you want to deposit and click on "Deposit Funds".

3. Check your payment details once again and generate an invoice in PDF format by clicking on "Get Invoice". Save the invoice in PDF file on your computer.

4. After depositing your trading account, go to "Deposit Notification" page of "Deposit/Withdrawal" section.

5.Choose "Bank Transfer" from the list of the payment systems.

6. Fill in the required fields. Pay attention! If the currency of your transaction is Russian Ruble (RUR), there’s no need to fill in "Sending Bank’s SWIFT" field.

7. After sending a notification, you’ll have to wait for some time until it is approved.

8. In your RoboForex Live Account you can see the details of your transaction.