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Depositing your trading account without commission

Deposits your trading account
without commission

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RoboForex implements the following scheme to compensate your commission:

Compensation when making a payment.

Some part of the amount you deposit to your trading account is charged by the payment system as a commission. However, when the payment is processed, the commission is compensated and transferred to your account as a commission bonus. There are no delays or inconveniences: both your payment and commission bonus will be deposited at the same time. In payment history you can see, that the payment and commission are transferred separately. RoboForex applies no restrictions how to use or withdraw this commission bonus.

When our clients deposit their trading accounts, the commission is always 0%. RoboForex covers all expenses, which may occur when you deposit your trading account. Choose the payment system according to its convenience, not cost effectiveness.

Example: You deposited $500 via WebMoney payment system. The commission of this system is 0.8% of the payment, i.e. $4. When your transaction is processed, the commission is compensated by our company and the total amount of money, $500, is deposited to your trading account.

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