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"Webmaster" affiliate program (IB)

"Webmaster" affiliate program is an affiliate program, which gives webmasters and website owners an excellent opportunity to receive a high affiliate commission. If you have your own website, which is intended for users interested in finance, investments and internet trading, then this affiliate program is the most suitable solution for you. You will receive affiliate commission by redirecting users from your website to the RoboForex Company’s website.

Main advantages of this program .

  • Simple registration procedure.
  • No need to have your own website.
  • No initial investments are required.
  • Affiliate commission is paid on a daily basis.
  • No limitations for the amount of affiliate commission.
  • Affiliate commission for trading using Forex deposit bonuses.
  • There are no limtations for the minimum number of attracted clients.
  • No limitations on the minimum trading volume of attracted clients.
  • Special Affiliate-accounts with the increased spread.
  • Detailed trading and financial statistics.
  • Informational support from the Company.

Registration and ways to attach the attracted clients to the Partner’s group .

  • If you haven’t received "Agent" status yet, fill in the registration form on the Company’s website or open an affiliate account in your Live Account.
  • Place an advertising banner or HTML-link of a standard pattern on your web-resource and then add the resource to the moderation in your Live Account. Your web-resource must be dedicated to finances and related to Forex market. Instructions how to register as the Webmaster.
The Webmaster is allowed to use the following ways to attach the clients he attracted to his account:

  • A unique Partner code (AgentID). A client shall be considered attracted by you provided he shall specify your Partner AgentID when registering a trading account.
  • Direct links (without referral code), which can be used on verified websites.
  • Referral links, which can be used on non-verified websites.
  • The Webmasters of VIP level can be given the right (at the Company's discretion) to open client and affiliate accounts for their clients by themselves.

"Start" level – up to 30% of spread .

The Webmaster is provided with "Start" level of the affiliate program automatically after successful moderation of his web-resource.

"Start" level allows you to receive higher affiliate commission in comparison with the "Agent" affiliate program.

To receive the affiliate commission, the Agent must have a minimum of 3 active clients.

The partners of "Start" level are participating in the multi-level system of affiliate commission.

"Expert" level – up to 40% of spread .

"Expert" level is assigned to a partner subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • The number of active attracted clients is more than 20.
  • The total trading volume of the attracted clients must be more than 100 lots per month.
The partners of "Expert" level are participating in the multi-level system of affiliate commission.

"VIP" level – up to 50% of spread .

"VIP" level of affiliate program is unique; affiliate commission is up to 50% of spread.

"VIP" Program is assigned to partners at the discretion of the Company. Minimum requirements for "VIP" level are as follows:

  • The number of active attracted clients is more than 100.
  • The total trading volume of the attracted clients must be more than 5,000 lots per month.

Detailed affiliate commission rate

Terms and conditions of Webmaster affiliate program .

The number of the Partner's active clients is checked automatically every day. In case, at some time, the number of active client or their trading volume turns out to be less than specified in the requirements of Affiliate program, the Partner will be notified by E-mail that the level of his Affiliate program may be changed in 30 days if the his statistics reach the required numbers.

RoboForex (CY) Ltd partners are allowed to attract new clients only after verifying their personal information: their passport and permanent residence address. RoboTrade Ltd partners are allowed to withdraw and transfer funds from their affiliate accounts only after passing the complete verification. To pass the complete verification, the partner of either Company has to upload copies of the documents to prove his identity and actual residence address in his Live Account.

RoboForex (CY) Ltd partners are allowed to attract clients only to the same Company.

Agent is obliged to obey the following rules and conditions:

  • The Partner and his client can not use the same PC or IP-address to enter Live Account or trading terminal. Moreover, no coincidences of the Partner’s and his client’s personal details, such as passport details, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment details, are allowed.
  • The Partner has no right to use the word "RoboForex" and different spelling variants in the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) systems.
  • The Partner has no right to use spam mailing to attract new clients.
  • The Partner is not allowed to falsify information about provided services on purpose, as well as withhold information about the Company’s services and risk disclosure from clients.
  • The Partner has no right no use any type of advertisement that can ruin the positive brand image of the RoboForex Company.
  • The Partner has no right to use any types of forced redirection of users to the Company’s official websites.

Before becoming a partner, please read the Partner Agreement of the chosen Company very carefully:

Examples of how Webmaster commission is calculated .

Let us consider a simple example of earnings with the program "Webmaster Affiliate".

You have attracted 10 clients and 1 sub-affiliate "A". Your sub-affiliate has attracted 5 clients and 1 sub-affiliate "B", who has attracted 5 clients. Let’s suppose, that each of the clients has performed 1 trade with the volume of 1 Lot with the trading pair EURUSD.

This is how we calculate the income of the Webmaster-Affiliate:

  • Commission for your attracted clients = 1 Lot * 6 USD (commission rate for EURUSD) * 10 (number of clients) = 60 USD
  • Commission for the clients of the Sub-affiliate "A" = 1 Lot * 6 USD (commission rate for EURUSD) * 5 (number of clients) * 20% (affiliate rate for 2-nd level) = 6 USD
  • Commission for the clients of sub-affiliate "B" = 1 Lot * 6 USD (commission rate for EURUSD) * 5 (number of clients) * 15% (affiliate rate for 3-rd level) = 4.5 USD
Total: 60 + 6 + 4.5 = 70.5 USD.

This may be the amount of the commission a day for the clients attracted by you and your sub-partners.In this case, the sum of the commission over the month may be 1,551 USD.

If you have any questions, contact our 24/5 Live Support.