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Registration as a Partner and addition of the Partner website according to the terms and conditions of the Partner Agreement.

1. Login to your RoboForex Live Account and select “Registration of the Partner account” from “Partner” section. Read the Partner Agreement carefully, and in case you accept it, fill in the registration form with your personal data and click “Send”.

Note: "Affiliate Code" field is filled in when registering as a Partner of the 2nd level.

After a successful registration, a new Partner is provided with “Agent” affiliate program. For placing on message boards, social networks, letters, etc., a Partner of any level should use referral links of the following type:

where: is the URL of the page of the Company's website, where your client is redirected to;
agentID is your unique identification code.

In case your affiliate program status is "Agent" and you would like to promote it to "Webmaster", you need to add your website for moderation (see steps 2-6).

2. Select “Your Referral Links” from “Partner” section. The current status of your affiliate program is displayed in the information window on the right, as well as your Agent ID, which is used when attracting clients.

3. “Your Referral Links” page contains several examples of referral links. Before adding your website to the system, you need to place one of such links or banners on the website.

Copy one of the examples to add it into html-code of your website. It must be done in the following way: 

<a href="" class="AgentID">RoboForex - Leading professional services in Forex market</a>

AgentID is your unique identification code;
>RoboForex - Leading professional services in Forex market< is the displayed title of the link (anchor), which can easily be changed if necessary.

4. After placing a referral link on your website, select “Your Websites” from “Partner” section, enter the URL of the website, and click “Add”.

Please, note: you have to enter the URL of only that page, where the referral links are placed. After a successful moderation, the whole website will be verified and you will be able to place links, which lead to the RoboForex Company's website and allow to identify your attracted clients without using Agent ID, on any page.

5. The newly added website will be displayed in the list of “Added URLs” and checked for the purpose of finding a referral link. In case of successful checking, the status of the Web resource will be changed to “New”.

6. Moderation of the Web resource takes two business days after its status changed to “New”. In case the Web resource is completely in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Partner Agreement, the status will be changed to “Verified” and you will be provided with “Start”, “Expert”, or “VIP” level of “Webmaster” affiliate program.