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"Agent" affiliate program (IB)

"Agent" affiliate program is intended for both individuals and companies and doesn’t require any initial investments or deep knowledge about Forex Market. All you have to do is to recommend our Company to prospective clients personally or find them via social networks, message boards, or web blogs, and receive affiliate commission for all transaction made by your clients.

Main advantages of this program .

  • Simple registration procedure.
  • No need to have your own website.
  • No initial investments are required.
  • Affiliate commission is paid on a daily basis.
  • No limitations for the amount of affiliate commission.
  • Affiliate commission for trading using Forex deposit bonuses.
  • There are no limtations for the minimum number of attracted clients.
  • No limitations on the minimum trading volume of attracted clients.
  • Special Affiliate-accounts with the increased spread.
  • Detailed trading and financial statistics.
  • Informational support from the Company.

How to start? .

To start working as an Agent, you have to open an affiliate account in your Live Account or register as a Partner.

After registration is completed, you will be provided with two affiliate accounts (Fix-Cent and Pro-Cent, USD) in your Live Account for receiving affiliate commission.

The main task of the Agent is to attract new clients to the RoboForex Company. In order to do this, the Partner has to inform them about advantages of cooperation with us. You can recommend our Company to prospective clients personally or find them via social networks, message boards, or web blogs. Information about these and other ways to attract clients can be found in “Recommendation how to attract clients to the RoboForex Company” section.

The Agent is allowed to use the following ways to attach the clients he attracted to his Partner group:

  • Agent ID, personal affiliate code.
  • Affiliate (referral) link.
A client shall be considered attracted by you provided when registering as the RoboForex Company’s client he has specified your Agent ID code or jumped to our website using your referral link.

Affiliate commission .

The scheme of Agent affiliate commission allows you to gain profit and depends on the number of attracted clients and their trading activity (trading volume).

Affiliate commission is paid for all available trading instrument offered by our Company and transferred to your FixCent and Pro-Cent affiliate accounts, depending on which server your clients use for their trading operations. The commission for transaction is paid only if the difference between the opening and closing prices meets the requirements for MTP (Minimum Trade Points).

You can learn more about affiliate commission rates and MTP value for each trading instrument for all account types in "Affiliate Commission" section.

Terms and conditions of Agent affiliate program .

RoboForex (CY) Ltd partners are allowed to attract new clients only after verifying their personal information: their passport and permanent residence address. RoboTrade Ltd partners are allowed to withdraw and transfer funds from their affiliate accounts only after passing the complete verification. To pass the complete verification, the partner of either Company has to upload copies of the documents to prove his identity and actual residence address in his Live Account.

RoboForex (CY) Ltd partners are allowed to attract clients only to the same Company.

Agent is obliged to obey the following rules and conditions:

  • The Partner and his client can not use the same PC or IP-address to enter Live Account or trading terminal. Moreover, no coincidences of the Partner’s and his client’s personal details, such as passport details, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment details, are allowed.
  • The Partner has no right to use the word “RoboForex” and different spelling variants in the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) systems.
  • The Partner has no right to use spam mailing to attract new clients.
  • The Partner is not allowed to falsify information about provided services on purpose, as well as withhold information about the Company’s services and risk disclosure from clients.
  • The Partner has no right no use any type of advertisement that can ruin the positive brand image of the RoboForex Company.

Before becoming a partner, please read the Partner Agreement of the chosen Company very carefully:

Examples of how Agent commission is calculated .

You've attracted 4 clients to open trading accounts of "Fix" type. Each of your clients made one trading transaction on the currency pair EUR/USD. Trading volume of each transaction is 2 lots. Let's calculate the Agent’s commission:

  • 2 lots * 3 USD (commission for EURUSD currency pair) * 4 (a number of clients) = 24 USD
Your commission will be as much per day for your clients trading transactions. If we assume that in the calendar month there are on average 22 available for trading the day, your commission amount per month may reach 528 USD.
You’ve attracted 5 clients to open trading accounts of “Pro” type. Each of your clients made 4 transactions (USDCHF currency pair). Trading volume of each transaction is 1 lot. Let’s calculate the Agent’s commission:

  • 4 lots * 2 USD (commission for USDCHF currency pair) * 5 (a number of clients) = 40 USD.
This is your daily affiliate commission for transactions made by the clients you attracted. An average number of days available for trading is 22 per month, so your monthly affiliate commission will be 880 USD.

If you have any questions, call us or write us email, using the numbers and email addresses specified in the "Contacts" section.