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Trading accounts with the increased spread


Additional services from partners




What are Affiliate-accounts?

Accounts of "Affiliate" type are the accounts with the intentionally increased spread and commission for each transaction, thanks to which the partner can receive more affiliate commission. In case of these accounts, the partner receives his affiliate commission for every single transaction, regardless how fast it was opened and closed and whether it was profitable or not.

Who may benefit from Affiliate-accounts?

These types of accounts were introduced in response to demand from the partners, who provide their clients with different additional services (Expert Advisors or trading signals), when the minimum possible spreads are not the major factor that influences the results of trading activity. The increased spread may be considered as a fee for such services.


How much will the partner earn?



Types of Affiliate-accounts



How does the client open it?


How much may the partner earn by means of Affiliate-accounts?

The affiliate commission is calculated as percentage of the commission for ECN-Pro Affiliate accounts and as percentage of the spread for Fix-Affiliate and Pro-Affiliate accounts at the following rates:

  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 50%
On an individual basis
Agent Start Expert VIP White Label

Knowing the spread (commission) value and the affiliate commission rate, you can calculate your affiliate commission on your own.

Affiliate-accounts also take part in the multi-level system of affiliate commission. The system implies that the Partner is paid the commission for the clients attracted by his sub-partners.

Level 1 includes the commission paid for the clients, who are directly in your group. Levels 2 – 5 include the commission paid for the clients, who are in your subpartners’ groups. For example, you attracted the client, who later also became RoboForex partner. This client will be considered as the client of the 1st level, and the clients he attracted will be considered as your clients of the 2nd level.

100%  1st level
20%      2nd level
15%          3rd level
7%              4th level
3%                  5th level

The multi-level system of affiliate commission is available to the Partners of "Agent", "Start" and "Expert" levels, who can create their own affiliate network.

Become RoboForex partner and receive profitable affiliate commission:

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