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Tradable bonus up to 50%


Receive Tradable bonus up to 50% without
any restrictions to the amount of the
deposited sum!

Receive bonus

The rules of the program

Tradable bonus from RoboForex is the type of bonus, which is not "cancelled" when the equity on your account is below the amount of the bonus funds (the bonus can be used during "drawdown"). This bonus may increase your trading opportunities when the market behaves unexpectedly.

Do you need extra protection of your deposit when the market behaves unexpectedly? Do you avoid receiving deposit bonuses, because they are cancelled if your Equity is smaller than required when you least expect it? Join our special program, "Tradable bonus up to 50%", and receive up to 6,000 USD of the bonus funds, which you can use in your trading operations without any restrictions.

The amount of the bonus depends of the sum of your deposit

up to 300 USD
from 300 USD
3,000 USD for one account
6,000 USD for all accounts

The bonus program is working on the permanent basis and available to all RoboForex clients. The bonus can be received when you deposit the account via any payments system, and the number of deposits that can receive the bonus is not limited.

Having received Tradable bonus from RoboForex


No restrictions

with tradable bonus – it’s not written off from your account even during "drawdown".


Withdraw the profit

from your account, which you received when trading with your own funds.


Withdraw the bonus

and all profit you received after fulfilling the requirements for the trading volume to be made.

Please note,, that you can’t receive tradable bonus to the trading account, which already has active deposit bonuses of other type. You can view the list of your active bonuses and cancel any of them in "Your Bonuses" section of your Members Area.

How to receive the bonus?

Deposit any sum of money
to your account

The maximum amount of the bonus depends on the deposited sum (to 300 USD - 25%, from 300 USD - 50%). You can chose the amount of bonus from these three available numbers.

Receive bonus

Open a new trading account at RoboForex

The bonus is available for MT4 and MT5 accounts of Fix and Pro types. If you don’t have any accounts of these types yet, you can open one right now and receive the bonus for your first deposit.

Open account

The rules of the program and examples of calculation