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Forex Murray math lines and forecasts


Murrey Math Lines 24.02.2017 (EUR/USD, AUD/USD)

The AUD/USD pair is slowly approaching the 7/8 level.

Murrey Math Lines 23.02.2017 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

The EUR/USD pair rebounded from the 4/8 level and started a new ascending correction.

Murrey Math Lines 22.02.2017 (EUR/USD, NZD/USD)

The EUR/USD pair resumed its decline and right now is getting closer to the 4/8 level.

Murrey Math Lines 21.02.2017 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

The EUR/USD pair is still being corrected below Super Trends.

Murrey Math Lines 20.02.2017 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

Although the EUR/USD pair rebounded from the 7/8 level and the daily Super Trend, in the nearest future the current correction is expected to continue.

Murrey Math Lines 17.02.2017 (EUR/USD, NZD/USD)

After failing to fix below the 5/8 level, the EUR/USD pair started the current ascending correction.

Murrey Math Lines 16.02.2017 (EUR/USD, NZD/USD)

The EUR/USD pair failed to fix below the 5/8 level and, as a result, started the current ascending correction.

Murrey Math Lines 15.02.2017 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

Super Trends formed “bearish cross” and the market continued its decline, which was stopped by the 5/8 level.