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Home / Beginners / What is Forex Trading? / The Volume of Trade on the International Forex Market
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The Volume of Trade on the International Forex Market

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. As of March 2005 the average turnover on Forex was 2.9 trillion US dollars per day. This is:

  • 15 times the turnover of all the world’s stock exchanges (184 billion dollars);
  • 50 times the turnover of the largest stock exchanges NYSE (up 56 billion dollars);
  • 200 dollars a day for every person on Earth.

In December 2007, the turnover grew up to 3.3 trillion US dollars a day.

The main online forex trading markets are in Japan, Britain and the US. The US and the UK generate over 50% of the total trading volume in the exchange market. The most active trading takes place during the simultaneous operation of these major markets.