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EUR/USD has "settled down". Review on 13.09.2016

The main currency pair is traded calmly since the last fluctuations, now Federal Reserve takes a pause for the meeting. EUR/USD is steady this Tuesday. The current rate for the main currency pair is 1.1223.

There have been released no important statistics so all eyes were fixed on the representatives of US Federal Reserve, which spoken earlier. Brainard delivered her speech, and the comments were soft and quite dovish as expected. She said that economy is in a good shape, however, there are no preconditions for a hasty rate increase.

Brainard's comments calmed down investors, which have been worried about mixed opinions. But there are no doubts that number of hawks is raising, indeed there are more and more supporters of hawkish monetary policy as far as economy shows good signs. Last week weak macroeconomic data has not been considered as a reason for changing opinion for many of the concerned parties. The same is with labor market—no one is disappointed with it.

Unemployment level of 4.9% for many of US statesmen is the reason to be proud of. And by the matter of fact, they are right since the employment level is rising steadily for a number of months. However, the last summer proved the idea that there is no way that positive dynamic on the labor market keeps going forever—everything has its limit. The mixed dynamic of the labor market, including NFP, at the moment, cannot be judged as a 100% basis for strengthening US fiscal policy.

Now about 15% of investors and traders consider the chances for rate increasing on the meeting on September 20-21 as a high. By the way, expectation about December's meeting is almost 55%.

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