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Forex Fundamental analysis

One of the key factors, which has influence on any trader’s success is his ability to correctly predict the market movements. The two main methods are technical and fundamental analysis of Forex market.

An important feature of fundamental analysis is its global nature. Events, which are analyzed in fundamental analysis, have long-term influence on supply and demand on the currency market. This information is composed of the news about the world’s biggest political and financial events. It’s hard to overestimate the influenced the news has on financial markets: when the most important news is published, the market volatility increases.

It’s quite easy for an experienced trader to analyze and predict how a single event may influence the market. However, analysis of several events, which may influence the market in completely different ways, is a very complicated and time-consuming process. This may be the reason why only approximately 20% of traders use fundamental analysis as their main forecasting tool.

Fundamental approach to Forex market analysis, unlike technical one, covers not only the prices and their changes, but the reasons for these changes as well. Each approach has its followers, advantages and disadvantages.


The Euro couldn’t stay on Olympus. Overview for 03.08.2016

The main currency pair is falling on Wednesday afternoon. Buyers couldn’t maintain yesterday’s momentum.

The Pound remains in the range. Overview for 03.08.2016

On Wednesday, the GBP/USD pair is moving upwards a little bit; the US Dollar’s weakness is more important for investors that the “sad” statistics from the United Kingdom.

The Australian Dollar is trading indistinctly. Overview for 02.08.2016

On Tuesday morning, the AUD/USD pair plummeted after the RBA’s decision relating to the interest rate, but investors won back some part of the sales quickly.

The Australian Dollar is falling. Overview for 01.08.2016

The AUD/USD pair is retreating on Monday, despite the passive statistics.

The Euro is growing for the third day in a row. Overview for 29.07.2016

The main currency pair is rising on Friday, but it’s too early for the Euro to be happy.

The Euro is keeping its rising momentum. Overview for 28.07.2016

The main currency pair is gaining weight after the July meeting of the USA FOMC.

The Pound lost yesterday’s growth. Overview for 28.07.2016

The GBP/USD pair is falling on Thursday; yesterday’s good news wasn’t enough. The current quote for the pair is 1.3154.

The Euro remains in the range. Overview for 27.07.2016

The main currency pair is growing a little bit inside a narrow trading range in anticipation of the results of the FOMC meeting.

The Yen retreated quickly. Overview for 27.07.2016

On Wednesday morning, the USD/JPY pair grew significantly after the news relating to financial intentions of the Japanese authorities.

The Yen is strengthened by investors’ fears. Overview for 26.07.2016

The USD/JPY pair is trading to the downside expecting the results of the USA FOMC’s and the BoJ’s meetings.

The Pound is trading subtly. Overview for 26.07.2016

On Tuesday afternoon, the GBP/USD pair was under pressure a little bit, but it wasn’t enough for a new wave а sales.

The Yen is slightly retreating. Overview for 25.07.2016

At the beginning of the new week, the USD/JPY pair is trying to continue its growth, but investors have no ground for it so far.

Yen is retreat vigorously. Overview on 21.07.2016

In USD/JPY pair, growing channel is kept in force, tool went away enough from "bottom" levels. Interest of capital market to assets of "save haven" is moderate.

Australian Dollar retreats. Overview on 20.07.2016

AUD/USD pair is traded with descending for the second day, weak statistic adds reasons to sell. Current quotation in AUD/USD - 0.7477.

Pound is weaken on strong statistic. Overview on 19.07.2016

In Tuesday, pair GBP/USD is traded quite interesting: statistic for inflation is strong, but Pound was not glad.