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iPhone Trader FAQ

On this page you can ask our manager any questions you have. The reply to your question will be sent to your e-mail. Before asking, please look through this page and read the information on it. There may already be an answer to your question.

  1. Can i close part of my trade using my iPhone Trader?

    Yes you can. The partial close option allows you to close part of your trade, leaving the remaining Volume open. In order to partially close your trade, double click on your desired trade. From the update screen presented, the Volume must be changed within the Volume box. Once making your desired changes you must then click the 'Close' button. When successfully updated you should receive a confirmation screen.

  2. Can i rearrange the sections within the iPhone?

    Yes you can. From within the ‘More’ section you can configure which programs appear as default every time you open the software. To do so - click the ‘Edit’ button in the top-right hand corner and the following screen will appear.

    To arrange which buttons you wish to appear as the default, drag them into the bottom section. You can also change which order you wish them to be in. Just remember the items you place in the bottom main tab will be your desired default buttons. Simply when you are finished, click the ‘Done’ button.

  3. How can i modify my order within the iPhone?

    Clicking on an Open position will give you full details of that order. From here, you can close Trade / Update. If you change or set a Stop Loss (S/L) or Take Profit (T/P) on an open order you must simply click on the ’Update’ button to confirm the changes. A confirmation screen should appear shortly after confirming the order.

    If you select a pending order from the positions area, you have the option to Update / Delete the pending order. You can change or adjust the open price, the Stop Loss (S/L) and the Take Profit (T/P), remembering that after making such changes to click on ‘Update’. Again a confirmation should appear shortly after. When choosing to delete a pending order you should also receive a confirmation. After modifying a pending order and selecting Update, your request will be confirmed

  4. How can I place an order?

    Opening an order is simple and can be done from either the Rates or the Favorites section of the iPhone Trader. A new order can be placed by selecting a trading instrument, of your choice, from the main screens of both the Favorites and Rates sections. Clicking on your desired trade will bring you to a new order screen. At the top there are 2 tabs, Instant/Market and Pending.

    For instant orders you can select and change the volume (vol), set a stop loss (S/L) or take profit (T/P), then you must choose whether to 'Buy' or 'Sell' by clicking the corresponding button. For Market orders, you can select and change the volume (vol), then you choose whether to 'Buy' or 'Sell' by clicking the corresponding button.

  5. How do i log in using my iPhone?

    Click on the iPhone Trader icon logo and you will come to a login page for your trading account.

    Click on the text fields to edit and input your login and password:

    Login - Your trading account login

    Password - Your trading account password

    Servers - By clicking on the 'Server' button, you have the option of selecting the server.

    After entering your account login details, click on the 'Login' button.

    Once clicking on the login button, your iPhone will attempt to connect to the server and log you into your trading account.

  6. How do I use charts on the iPhone?

    Double tapping into the chart areas will bring you up a larger view of that trades chart. On either chart view, you have the ability to zoom in and out – this involves the opening and closing of 2 fingers – you can switch to different time periods using the tabs on top of either chart, and scroll back on the chart. In addition, if you have the full view open for any chart on a trade, you can turn your iPhone horizontally and the chart will open to a wider view.

  7. I can not connect to the iTrader platform?

    There may be a number of things preventing you from connecting to your iTrader. One of these things may be that your service provider does not support direct TCP/IP connection or ports 443 and 80 may be blocked by your provider. Please contact your provider who can provide this information for you.

    In the case of using your WIFI connection to connect to the platform, please be aware that our applications do not support proxy servers to connect to the internet.

  8. What do the options within the charts do?

    Within the charts area, you have access to technical analysis. All analysis options can be found along the top of your chart, in both vertical and horizontal views.

    This icon shows your basic drawing options. When adding lines or additions to your chart, please select this button to fix your lines in place

    - Allows you to magnify a specific area of your chart using the Loupe tool

    - Provides your charting tools, such as Trend lines and Fibonacci retracements. To add to your chart simply select the line you wish to add and place by moving the blue dot/s with your finger. To fix the line, select the ‘eye’ icon.

    - Allows you to move and edit additions on your chart

    - Remove drawings and lines from your chart

    - Separate your chart

    - Allows you to switch between candle stick, bar or line charts

    - Allows you to choose your time frame

    - Add or remove indicators to/from your chart

    - Customization options

    - Switch to smaller screen

    - Switch to full screen

    - 5 default views are provided within the customization options

    The customization menu allows you to fully customise your charts and technical analysis. You have the ability to change all chart colours, or alternatively select one of the 5 default colour views provided for you. From within this menu you are able to turn on/off your bid and ask lines, your order levels and also the loupe feature.

    Your indicators list can be found by selecting the ‘Add/ Remove indicators’ button located above your chart. You are able to add indicators to the chart by selecting the ‘+’ sign, or remove indicators using the ‘edit’ option.

  9. Where can i view my orders?

    The Positions section shows the order details of your open positions and pending orders, as well as allowing you to close an open position or modify an order. It also indicates the Balance with your current profit/loss including swap and commission in open positions, used reserve funds, free reserve funds, equity, reserve level, and credit. Tap on the account information panel to view detailed information.

    When viewing your trades you have a number of options, you can view these as the deposit currency, as points or alternatively using the collective view. The collective view allows you to group all trades of the same currency, giving you a more comprehensive view of your trading activity. All options can be found by selecting the ‘menu’ button in the top left corner of the positions screen.


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