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What do the options within the charts do?

Within the charts area, you have access to technical analysis. All analysis options can be found along the top of your chart, in both vertical and horizontal views.

This icon shows your basic drawing options. When adding lines or additions to your chart, please select this button to fix your lines in place

- Allows you to magnify a specific area of your chart using the Loupe tool

- Provides your charting tools, such as Trend lines and Fibonacci retracements. To add to your chart simply select the line you wish to add and place by moving the blue dot/s with your finger. To fix the line, select the ‘eye’ icon.

- Allows you to move and edit additions on your chart

- Remove drawings and lines from your chart

- Separate your chart

- Allows you to switch between candle stick, bar or line charts

- Allows you to choose your time frame

- Add or remove indicators to/from your chart

- Customization options

- Switch to smaller screen

- Switch to full screen

- 5 default views are provided within the customization options

The customization menu allows you to fully customise your charts and technical analysis. You have the ability to change all chart colours, or alternatively select one of the 5 default colour views provided for you. From within this menu you are able to turn on/off your bid and ask lines, your order levels and also the loupe feature.

Your indicators list can be found by selecting the ‘Add/ Remove indicators’ button located above your chart. You are able to add indicators to the chart by selecting the ‘+’ sign, or remove indicators using the ‘edit’ option.