RoboForex Ltd is a member of RoboForex group, which has been operating since 2009. From the moment of its foundation, RoboForex has always been focused on creating comfortable trading conditions and offering high quality services to its clients. Today, we’re in active and successful operation in several countries all over the world and do our best to expand the field of our activity and cover new areas. We’re very proud of the services we provide our clients and partners with, which are of the same quality for all, regardless their experience and amount of their investments.


RoboForex Ltd is regulated by the IFSC, license IFSC/60/271/TS/17.
RoboForex Ltd is an official participant of the Financial Commission, an international organization, which resolves disputes between its participants and their clients.
RoboForex Ltd, which is an "A" category member of the Financial Commission, also is a participant of its Compensation Fund. The Fund provides traders with insurance payments up to 20,000 USD.

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RoboForex business model

There are two typical Forex Broker models. The first one is Straight Through Processing (STP), where a brokerage company is an intermediary between its clients and liquidity providers. The second one is Market Maker (MM), in which a client buys and sells through a Forex Broker.

RoboForex Ltd processes transactions using a combined scheme, so called hybrid business model. It means that for all cent accounts, RoboForex Ltd serves as a market maker, i.e. the other party of the transaction.

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Our awards

Our competitors’ respect and clients’ recognition afford us ground for looking to the future with optimism. And the best way to inspire this optimism is awards received by RoboForex.

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RoboForex in the Media

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In addition to the development of own brokerage services, RoboForex is actively involved in many innovative projects, which are not always closely connected with the Forex market. RoboForex is trying to be a sponsor of different events on a regular basis, and we’re committed to following in this direction in the future.

RoboForex group has become the official sponsor of "Starikovich-Heskes Team", the Cypriot race team at The Dakar 2017. The team’s pilot, Roman Starikovich, is an experienced racer with more than 60,000 off road kilometers in Europe, Africa, and Australia under his belt.
RoboForex group is the official sponsor of the Limassol Police Department football team. Cooperation with the Police Department is another sign that the Company’s activity is completely transparent and that RoboForex is striving to operate honestly and legally in all spheres of the modern society.

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Address: No. 1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize
Telefonas: +65 3158 8389
E-mail: info@roboforex.com (General questions)

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