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"One Click Trading" Service

"One Click Trading" Service

The service is likely to gain recognition from the traders, whose strategy is to make a lot of transactions.

You need to enter and save your settings in "One-Click Trading" just once, and you will be able to open and close orders by a single mouse click! "One-Click Trading" service allows you to run trading operations with just one click of the mouse.


How set up


In terminal, open menu "Service/Settings", go to "Trading" tab and check item "One-Click Trading".


In the opened window check "I accept these terms" and press "OK".


Press "OK" one more time in tab "Trading". Now you can use function "One-Click Trading" on chart.


How to use

  • The button to manage "One-Click Trading" service (Enable/Disable)
  • Symbol name
  • Command to open a sell order
  • Command to open a buy order
  • The field to manage the volume
  • Current bid price
  • Current ask price

Depending on the quotes, the area of performing trade operations and price has different colors:


— if the current price is higher than the previous one.


— if the current price is lower than the previous one.


— if the price hasn't changed for the last 15 seconds.


Deben tener en cuenta que una vez que el botón de "Vender" o "Comprar" sea presionado, la correspondiente solicitud de compra o venta de la cantidad especificada del símbolo seleccionado es enviado inmediatamente al servidor sin ninguna confirmación adicional.


"One-click Trading" service is available for all
types of MT4 and MT5 accounts.

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