How do I pass the address verification?

You can pass the address verification in your Members Area.

To verify your address, you need to provide a documentary confirmation of your actual residence or address. You can choose from:

  • The page with registration + the page with your photo from your national passport.
  • Property deed, mortgage loans certificate, bill of sale, or lease agreement.
  • A letter from Housing and Public Utilities (on form 7 or 9), electricity bills, water supply bills, landline phone bills, or gas bills (the documents mustn’t be older than 6 calendar months at the time of providing them).
  • A valid driver license. Pay attention that the license must be valid at the time of providing and include expiry date, as well as your full name and address. Your address won’t be verified if you provide us with a scan copy of provisional/preliminary driver license or the license without your residential address.
  • Vehicle registration certificate, if it includes your address.
  • Policy of compulsory or voluntary medical insurance.
  • Security services bills.
  • Nationally recognized documents:

    • Tax demands;
    • Letters/notifications from Managing Companies and other Housing and Public Utilities authorities;
    • Other nationally recognized documents.
  • Statement of your valid bank account or your payment (debit or credit) card.

The document must include your full name and complete address.

You’ll need a scanned image or a photo of your document.

To pass the verification, follow our instructions to download the required data and fill in the special form in your Members Area.

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